acoustic everything | indie pop/rock/metal | ambient / avant-garde / experimental / sound | classical

Acoustic and anything folk, blues, country, jazz, world-music
Chris Priestley, Mike Harding and Jude Douglas perform Plains Of Argentina by Chris Wolferstan, April 2011, Nelson, Aotearoa | New Zealand
Chris Priestley, + Mike Harding sing a song by Alan Muggeridge, April 2011, Wellington, Aotearoa | New Zealand

Country quake, by Ryan Fisherman, Christchurch, Aotearoa | New Zealand

Mark Laurent + Brenda Liddiard, New Zealand based singer-songwriters, who perform together and independently.

Kath Tait, London based New Zealand born singer-songwriter

Thidrin: own compositions usually sung in Berber, based in The Netherlands. Listen >> | YouTube and a song with a country twist

Indie pop / rock / metal
Cover of Counting Crows’ “Colorblind” by Joshua Cuthbert, 2010, USA, on Indabamusic.

Ambient / avant-garde / experimental / soundscapes
POW ensemble, founded in 2001 by Dutch composer/ saxophonist Luc Houtkamp, is a chamber ensemble of the 21st century, using live electronics and computers as well as musical instruments. Their music ranges from folk-jazz to avant-garde soundscape/sound performance. Listen >>
sink\sink, ambient compositions by Gareth Schott and collaborators, based in Hamilton, New Zealand
Classical or melodic-like classical music
Tama McGlinn: his own compositions. He performs a range of musical styles but when composing tends to create melodic or jazz-like pieces. He co-wrote a few celtic-metal pieces while in the band Ferrum Batavorum in 2008-9. And here is 14 seconds of a jam session with Bart.

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