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Sonja’s Blogs
ISEA at Byzantium, January 2012, about ISEA Istanbul directed in 2011 by Lanfranco Aceti.

Game and Consequence, April 2011, about an expert meeting at Delft university on “The Future of Serious Games”.

Blogs of Interest
Tracey M Benson: based in Canberra, Australia. Her areas of interest are: researching semantic web and geolocation technologies and their application to culture, social media, genealogy and Indigenous kinship systems. Her blog:

Rick Companje: usually written Dutch, he often shares code in Processing or OpenFrameworks, and he is one of the inventors of Globe4d

Artworks | Installations | Screen
including computer mediated works that are not interactive

On Track is a performative installation involving a mechanical mop, trapped robotic brushes and spilling viscous fluids. Four systems, one mechanic-repetitive, another one robotic-agitated, a viscous liquid and an abrupt precipice, interact and interfere with one another.
artists: Linda Dement (Sydney, Australia), Petra Gemeinboeck (Sydney, Australia), PRINZGAU/podgorschek (Vienna, Austria), Marion Tränkle (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Lynette Wallworth, Australia, interactive + immersive video projections
Connected by light an immersive video installation commissioned by the 2009 Adelaide Film Festival
Rekindling Venus developed for planetariums that will be launched globally to coincide with the next Transit of Venus in June 2012 and as part of the program for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. For Wallworth, the Transit of Venus provides a metaphor for global scientific co-operation that was achieved once before in the 1700s and is needed now to address the urgent scientific challenge of our times – climate change.

Games, Gadgets, Techy Interactive works
Eggdaprof an iphone game (made in Frameworks) where players throw virtual eggs at the ‘prof’ (as seen on a computer screen).
Players use their iphine to read the QR-Code which has a URL and maps real players to virtual players in the room. The website to reads the iPhone accelerometer data and PHP script sends the accelerometer data to openframeworks which creates the visualisations and handles the game. It was made by Masters Media Technology students at Leiden University in 2011.

Festivals, Institutes or Labs
coLab : Auckland, Aotearoa | New Zealand: a creative technology centre focused on innovation through new technologies, who facilitate and promote interdisciplinary research, development and collaboration between education, creative and commercial industries.

FIBER space audio-visual network platform: Amsterdam, The Netherlands: an online platform for audiovisual artists, electronic musicians, designers and developers, created by FIBER; an annual Dutch audiovisual network festival. The website agenda announces events in the Netherlands and serves as a hub for live broadcasting and content during festivals and events. There’s also a monthly podcast and festival reviews, blog posts, news and event information, submitted by various upcoming artists and curators. Their fiber-network has links to various new media institutes in the Netherlands.

Furtherfield: London, U.K.: an online platform which announces events as well as organizing them, residency space + gallery They also run the email list which announces events and has discussion on related issues.
Furtherfield was founded by artists Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett in 1997. Furtherfield is now a dynamic, creative and social nerve centre where upwards of 26,000 contributors worldwide have built a visionary culture around co-creation – swapping and sharing code, music, images, video and ideas.

Furtherfield: originated in Aotearoa/New Zealand: an online platform for interactive theatre/performance. They run the annual “UpStage Festival of Cyberformance” which features works created using the open source upstage platform.

Playgrounds Digital Arts Fest: Dutch organization. Their website blog and about pages have lots of links to digital art and design. Most of it is screen based.

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