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Otaki show of diverse media: 3 of the Hague based artists

12 Nov

Left to Right: works by Sonja van Kerkhoff, Sanne Maes + Thom Vink

Left to Right: works by Sonja van Kerkhoff (print on aluminium), Sanne Maes (video + drawing) + Thom Vink (photographs + model on shelf)

Josephine’s Mother, print on aluminium and oil paint by Sonja van Kerkhoff.
The pose and composition of Josephine’s Mother is similar to the 1871 painting Whistler’s Mother where in this case, Josephine is the child the young woman is carrying. The mother looks alert and details such as a watch and the wall plug indicate that hers is a contemporary world, although she wears clothing typical of a bygone age.

Still from Bird of Prey by Sanne Maes

Still from Bird of Prey by Sanne Maes

Bird of Prey, drawing on tracing paper + video, loop 0’25”, 21″ LCD tv in custom made frame by Sanne Maes
Her work consists mainly of video installations; video images (either on a monitor or projected in space) which are projected onto a drawing, a painting or an object. She uses short looped clips to create the sense of repetition in motion. In some works this creates a sense of the picturesque where images move and come to life and in other works this creates a sense of the body being locked or trapped within the drawing. In yet other works, the dissonance between the still and moving images allude to mortality. This theme of transience and transformation is a study of the our humanity in relation to our environment – everything is linked, from micro to macro. We are all parts of the natural world.

The Speed of Dark by Thom Vink

The Speed of Dark by Thom Vink

Dark Entries, black and white photograph by Thom Vink. Edition of 5.
Untitled, black and white photograph by Thom Vink. Edition of 5.
The Speed of Dark, 3 cardboard models + shelf by Thom Vink.

Thom is a graduate of the Royal Academy of the Hague School of Art (1990). In 1992 he co-founded the artist-run gallery, Quartair ( His works are poetic references to our lived-in space. Often he builds house-like models as a counterpart to his atmosperic black and white photographs. These ‘wall-based installations’ are also a play on the theme of display and objectivity. Just as in the site-specific work of Sol LeWitt, Vink has given instructions for the poetics of how his work is to be arranged, rather than specifying a particular composition. They appear as one work and yet are several works in which the boundaries are blurred. Recent exhibitions are his 2009-10 solo exhibition, MOTH HOUSE in the Hague Centre for Visual Arts and Architecture, The Netherlands, and the group exhibitions Patterns of the Mind, Turku Biennial 2011, and Limbus, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, also in Finland.

Watch this space for a daily blog on the works by twelve New Zealand and Hague Based artists in The Poetic Condition show until 10 Dec 2017 at the BackWal Gallery, 99 Atkinson Ave, Otaki.  13 Nov blog | Exhibition info


“The Poetic Condition” Backwal Gallery, Otaki

20 Aug
Still from Cleaning the Air by Pietertje van Splunter

Still from Cleaning the Air by Pietertje van Splunter

The Poetic Condition
De Dichterlijke Aard

28 Oct – 10 Dec 2017
12 artists from
The Hague and
Aotearoa | New Zealand

A Red Lemon (Een Rode Citroen), 2015, 9' 53” Sound: Anne Wellmer. Drawings: Geerten Ten Bosch. Animation: Harriët van Reek. Text: Helene Cixous. Voice: Stephie Büttrich-Kolman

A Red Lemon (Een Rode Citroen), 2015, 9′ 53” Sound: Anne Wellmer. Drawings: Geerten Ten Bosch. Animation: Harriët van Reek. Text: Helene Cixous. Voice: Stephie Büttrich-Kolman

Thom Vink
Sanne Maes
Channa Boon
Anne Wellmer
Martje Zandboer
Sonja van Kerkhoff
Pietertje van Splunter
Michelle Backhouse
Adrienne Spratt
Brenda Tuuta
Brit Bunkley

99 Atkinson Ave, Otaki

Still from Bird of Prey by Sanne Maes

Still from Bird of Prey by Sanne Maes

Saturdays + Sundays
10-4 p.m.
or by appointment.
06 364 7763
021 260 5723

Exhibition events
28 Oct: 11 a.m. – 12 noon “Impressions of the Venice Biennale, Documenta + Munster Skulptuur” by Sonja van Kerkhoff

Meet the artists
in the gallery

28 Oct: 10-3 pm Michelle Backhouse, Edward Walton, Sonja van Kerkhoff

"Lake Alice" - from the abject history series by Brit Bunkley.

“Lake Alice” – from the abject history series by Brit Bunkley.

These artists explore, respond or extend the theme of our human nature and the relevance of the aesthetic of poetic intervention to the self, socio-political or society with a wide range of media and approaches to ‘big questions’ (who are we, how do we live, how do we think/feel), so that the exhibition as a whole is like an installation encompassing diversities of vision.
Netting by Michelle Backhouse.

Netting by Michelle Backhouse.

Some artworks are poetic selections with direct reference to contemporary political worlds, such as Channa Boon’s video, Brit Bunkley’s objects referencing abject histories of place or Sonja van Kerkhoff’s nature vs nurture flower transparencies. Others use materials or metaphors associated with cultural expression and relate them to the personal, such as Brenda Tuuta’s woven ‘speaking’ pieces, Adrienne Spratt’s giant sized basket and Anne Wellmer’s videos. Martje Zandboer’s suspended miniatures, which contain family photographs from the Dutch East Indies, mix Dutch colonial history with the theme of the personal and intergenerational. Thom Vink’s works take a more material versus human spirit perspective, where architectural models and photographs create a composite humane aesthetic, while Sanne Maes’ self-portrait video/drawing connects the self with the natural world. Pietertje van Splunter’s videos are like a poetics on the mundane: housework. Her brooms seem animated by an unearthly force and the constant stacking of the differing tribes of kitchen utensils suggests a game with secret rules. In using humour with the overkill her videos are reminders that the everyday domestic, is also a microcosm of the amusing, perhaps necessary banality of habit while Michelle Backhouse’s sculptures use seemingly banal materials, building paper, netting or house paint to create ethereal protusions.

Spirit, people power, nature power – Wairua, Mana Tangata, Mana Whenua

31 May

10 April – 1 June 2015 0420_2000jess-se-lisaTop Left to Right: Detail of Wairua 2, oil paint/mixed media on canvas, by Keri Molly; Homage, oil on canvas, by Lynn Pirrie Smith; Pou Wairua woven flax + copper panel by Jess Paraone; Several Seas, photographic print on transparency by Sen McGlinn; Long Boat, mild steel by Peter Brammer; Puddle, Pigment print on cotton rag by Lisa Clunie; I want to be reborn, acrylic & oil stick on canvas by Simon Kerr; Prana, Pigment print on cotton rag by Lisa Clunie.

Whenua refers to the link between us and life or the life spirit, which sometimes refers to the land or the natural world. Curated by Piripi Ball + Laurell Pratt this exhibition theme of the spirit as the power of humanity and the power of the natural is expressed in sculpture, carving, weaving, paintings, photographic, installations and craft and design. Piripi’s remit for this show was to encourage artists to approach this theme from the materiality as much as from an abstracted stance and he was successful in getting work from a huge diversity of artistic approaches.
Left to Right: Tewhate-wha – Taonga tuku iho aa Tawhaki / Jeweled Heirloom of Tawhaki, maire, deer antler by Te Kuiti Stewart; Tiki-wananga – Matauranga Aariki / Knowledge of Progenies, kauri, koa, silko, feathers, paua by Te Kuiti Stewart; Where Two Waters Meet, acrylic & gesso on canvas, by Bev Wilson; Detail of a photograph by John McMullen.

0418_1925-hughLeft to Right: Detail: Where Two Waters Meet, acrylic & gesso on canvas, by Bev Wilson; Mauri, silver gelatin print by John McMullen; Rosary, oil on canvas by Hugh Major; Passion 3, mixed media on board by Brenda Liddiard; Koraro Totem, flax flower heads, pumice, copper wire by Carolyn Lye; Howling in the Night, plywood, indian ink, wire by Natascha Rodenburg; Four Strands, plaited bull kelp with harakeke tie by Carolyn Lye.

0420_2001d_bevisLeft to Right: Detail of Nga Kete O Te Wananga (The 3 baskets of Knowledge), digital photographic print on eco-ethical wallpaper by Sheree Edwards; Emergence, carved slate, kauri, mother of pearl, bone, by Bevis Hatch;Clearing – Cowboys & indians on the pa site, digital pigment ink print on archival paper by Ellie Smith; Wairua, acrylic on canvas with oil sticks by Lynn Pirrie Smith; Whare Ihu, puriri and totata, oil paint and aluminium by Aaron Hoskin; Portrait of Ted, photograph on paper by Dr Chris Reid; Portrait of Zena, photograph on paper by Dr Chris Reid;

0418_1926b_julie-al-dorLeft to Right: Round Pit fired pot, stoneware thrown pot, pit fired with wooden horn handle by Julie Cromwell; Untitled (Solar Flare), pigment print on cotton rag by Lisa Clunie; For the love of Stars, feather crosses by Alicia Courtney; Journey Home, screenprint by David Knight; Birdman Series, acrylics/spray paint on wood by Leonard Murupaenga; Pit fired Pot Thrown, stoneware pot, pit fired, copper wire around horn handle by Julie Cromwell; Early Tides – Rawene, silver gelatin print by John McCullum; Hidden, carved oak, sooty mould (fungi), cooper wire, wood, glue, ink by Natascha Rodenburg; Jerusalem Window 1V, mixed media on canvas by Brenda Liddard; Waka, wood-fired, ceramic sculpture by Dorothy Waetford.

The exhibition runs until 1 June 2015,
Kings Theatre, 80 Gillies St, Kawakawa.
Open Wed-Sundays: 10-4. Their facebook page.

Artists in the exhibition
Piripi Ball | Regan Balzer | Gabrielle Belz | Nicholas J Boyd | Peter Brammer | Michelle Chapman | Kiri Clark | Lisa Clunie | Alicia Courtney | Julie Cromwell | Richard Darbyshire | Barry Downs | Davina Duke | Anthony Dunn | Sheree Edwards | Philip John England | Ally Grant | Rhonda Halliday | Shellie Hanley | Nicola Hart | Bevis Hatch | Aaron Hoskin | Leanne Jackson | Tavis Jacques | Darren Keith | Simon Kerr | David Knight | Thomas Lauterbach | Brenda Liddiard | Jo Lumkong | Carolyn Lye | Kirsty Mackenzie | Linda Munn | Hugh Major | Sen McGlinn | Pita McIntireJohn McMullen | Keri Molly | Leonard Murupaenga | Jess Paraone | Lee Ralph | Israel Randall | Karen Reeves | Theresa Reihana | Chris Reid | Natascha Rodenburg | rosy & rich | Carla Ruka | Petera Reid | Kathy Shaw | Ellie Smith | Lynn Pirrie Smith | Nikitta Shine | Barbie Stevenson | Te Kuiti Stewart | Kathy Shaw Urlich | Sonja van Kerkhoff | Dorothy Waetford | Yonel Watene | Karena Way | Lee Ralph and Adam Wharekawa | Bev Wilson | Sasha Wilson | Ann Winship

The Big Draw Leiden

22 Sep

"One stem, one umbrella - we are all connected" drawn by Sonja van Kerkhoff

“One stem, one umbrella – we are all connected” drawn by Sonja van Kerkhoff

“The Big Draw Leiden” are diverse drawing related activities in the city of Leiden for 13-28 September 2014. One of these is “Teken Twee weken” (Draw 2 weeks). For a number of years now, Leiden artist, Christiaan van Tol has run a “daily drawing in today’s newspaper” – a kaleidoscope of current affairs through the drawn. “The Big Draw Leiden” city art gallery, The Lakenhal (the coordinators of the event) asked Christiaan to give a daily assignment for the drawing of the day which anyone could then upload on facebook using an upload + display application hosted by woobox. This weekend when I saw the assignment for ‘draw an umbrella’ and… out came what you see above.

0918_1539pawnshopOn the right is one of three drawings I made on shop windows. Roughly 20 shops in the city have drawings on the windows. This shop is a pawn shop but the “Give and Take” for me relates to the Bahai community as much as to the literal reference, which is why it is a 9 pointed star that appears above the hand.

Another activity I am involved in is the exhibition “Draw Smogasbord” of 16 prints on show above the entrance of the cafe/conference centre, “de tuin van de smid” in the rural park, Cronesteyn, Leiden.
This page has details of all the works.
If you click on a title you can view the work

Framing “Film + Kunst” in the old post office, Leiden

13 Jun

Site-specific installation by Robbert Pauwels.

Site-specific installation by Robbert Pauwels.

Detail in the "Film + Kunst" exhibition with work by Inge Reisberman, Adrian Faes, and Katharina Pohlmann.

Detail in the “Film + Kunst” exhibition with work by Inge Reisberman, Adrian Faes, and Katharina Pohlmann.

The exhibition “Film + Kunst” curated by Sonja van Kerkhoff plays with the idea of a frame or medium. It includes films made by artists, and art in response to a selection of films from the Leiden International Short Film Experience.

Eleven artists were invited to make site-specific installations in the old post office building. Catharina van Velden’s room of drawings, objects and video is a gesamtkunstwerk – you walk into the frame, while in the post office safe, Inge Reisbermann’s projection of a nocturnal cat patrolling its territory references the edges of the frame. In Astrid Moors’ room your touch on the interactive screen affects the framework around the protagonists inside the frame. And Klaas Bolhuis’ room changes the framework of the art gallery. His contribution is a functioning art library. You can rent the artworks he has on display, while Suzanne van Rossenberg’s series “A Room with a Lesbian view” is about the intangible. Her work is a conceptual process that unfolds along the walls.

POST theatre on May 31st by Erik Oijerhoek + Gideon Roggeveen in the garage area of the gallery.

POST theatre on May 31st by Erik Olijerhoek + Gideon Roggeveen in the garage area of the gallery.

Meanwhile in the back of the gallery, there is a constantly changing theatre and recording of the theatrical in the form of live takes, live interviews, video and installation by the duo, Roggeveen/Olijerhoek.

Bed Peace 2013 by Carmen McGlinn + Sonja van Kerkhoff. Performers: Carmen McGlinn + Toroa McGlinn, 31 May.

Bed Peace 2013 by Carmen McGlinn + Sonja van Kerkhoff. Performers: Carmen McGlinn + Toroa McGlinn, 31 May.

On entering the show you encounter an empty bed and a collection of televisions.
Some show videos, some show static, some might not be functioning, and words have been painted onto some of the screens. A notice informs you that the televisions are in a constant state of flux and on your next visit there will be differing films on show and other televisions at work. This work “Bed Peace 2013” by Carmen McGlinn sets the tone for an exhibition which is as much about what is outside of the frame as inside. The show which includes works by 25 artists also features live theatre and performances by Roggeveen/Olijerhoek , Fields of Wonder, and De Natte Wang/Kuiper en Berbee.

Inge Reisberman, Fields of Wonder,Yoke Ferwerda, Daniëlle Celie, Barthel Brussee, Wendy van Baar, Robbert Pauwels, Christiaan van Tol, Katharina Pöhlmann, Suzanne van Rossenberg, Carmen McGlinn + Sonja van Kerkhoff, Erik Flikkensch​ild, Gideon, Roggeveen|Olijerhoek, Erik, Catharina van Velden, Coen van der Geest, De Natte Wang/Kuiper en Berbee, Iris Mechielsen, Christie Greeve, Loes van Dorp, Theolieke Smit, Emilie Gallier, Michel Siebes, Astrid Moors, Adrian Faes, Henk Hannemann. This page has links to their work >>

“Film + Kunst” @ Galerie de Pieter,
Breestraat 46 (Gallery website)
Open: Sundays + Saturdays (za + zo) 13 – 17.00, (vr) 21 June, 16-18.00
AND: from 7:30 p.m. till 10 p.m. with the following live events on:
25, 28, 29, 30 June, + 2, 6, 7 July.
Ook open op:
11, 25, 28, 29, 30 juni en 2, 6, 7 juli, 19:30-22.00

25 June: 19.30 Gallery is open.
20.00-20.30 concert: The Happy Acorns met acoustische meemrstemmige americana covers Concert by the Leiden acoustic folk music band, “The Happy Acorns”
21.00-22.00: meer: POST discussie, eten, workshoppen met Gideon, Erik + Sonja More “POST” discussion + workshop.

Kijk op de galerie rooster | The Gallery roster and opening times >>

Meer info over de volgende avonden in “Film+Kunst” komt binnenkort.
More details about the following evening events will be added soon.

28, 29, 30 June, 8 p.m.: Theatre by Gideon Roggeveen | Olijerhoek, Erik, De Natte Wang/Kuiper en Berbee and yet to be announced acts + interactive installaties by Sonja van Kerkhoff

Performance by Emilie Gallier at the opening.

Performance by Emilie Gallier at the opening.

2 July, 8-10 p.m.: Meer “POST” / More “POST” events.

6 July, 8 p.m.: Fields of Wonder

7 July, 8 p.m.: Theatre by Gideon Roggeveen | Olijerhoek, Erik, De Natte Wang/Kuiper en Berbee and yet to be announced performances + interactive installaties by Sonja van Kerkhoff

“Film + Art” 2 shows – Leiden

30 Apr

“Film and Art” is an exhibition of installations, paintings, drawings, sculpture, video, live theatre and performance which includes 42 short films from the Leiden International Short Film Experience (LIsFE) to be shown in two locations in Leiden in June-July 2013. Some of the 25 artists’ works relate to the content of these films and other works are innovative interpretations on the themes or media, of film and art.

“Film and Art”
Galerie De Pieter (the location and what’s current)
Breestraat 46, Leiden

Open: 1 June – 7 July, Saturdays + Sundays: 1 – 5 p.m., and
Thurs + Fri, 6 + 7 June: 5.30 p.m. – 7.30 p.m.

Opening: 31 May, 8 p.m.
Live theatre and performances: 9 p.m. till midnight. Programme details

Information about this exhibition is on the “Galerie De Pieter” gallery website in Dutch with English underneath this.

Sonja van Kerkhoff is curating the exhibition “Film and Art” in collaboration with LIsFE (the Leiden International Short Film Experience, an annual event since 2007).

For the “Galerie De Pieter” she is working with Michel Siebes and for the location at Aalmarkt 15 she is working with Robbert Pauwels and Carmen McGlinn.

“Film and Art – artists take film into sculpture”
Robbert Pauwels, Sonja van Kerkhoff + Carmen McGlinn
Aalmarkt 15
Open: 1 – 8 June, 1 – 5 p.m., Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat. Other times to be added.
Robbert, Sonja and Carmen will be working in the Aalmarkt shop space as artists-in-residence for 21-31 May. Artists in the other show might work here as well.
Open: 22-24 May: 1-6 p.m. Feel welcome to drop in or to come and give at hand.

The films to be incorporated into installations in these exhibitions are protected with a password until the filmmakers have been contacted >>

Artists in the “Galerie De Pieter” exhibition
Inge Reisberman
Fields of Wonder
Yoke Ferwerda
Daniëlle Celie
Barthel Brussee
Wendy van Baar
Robbert Pauwels
Christiaan van Tol
Katharina Pöhlmann
Suzanne van Rossenberg
Carmen McGlinn + Sonja van Kerkhoff
Erik Flikkensch​ild + “Zonder Passe Partouts”
Gideon, Roggeveen|Olijerhoek, Erik
Catharina van Velden
Coen van der Geest
De Natte Wang/Kuiper en Berbee
Iris Mechielsen
Christie Greeve
Loes van Dorp
Theolieke Smit
Emilie Gallier
Michel Siebes
Astrid Moors
Adrian Faes
Henk Hannemann

About Galerie De Pieter
Galerie De Pieter is currently located in the premises of the old Breestraat Post office (Breestraat 46) and traces of this, such as a huge vault have been retained inside the gallery. The space includes numerous small rooms. For this show artists have been invited to make site specific installations in these.

“Galerie De Pieter” itself is a collective of Leiden artists who started organizing exhibitions, aimed mainly as a venue for contemporary art practice in Leiden in August 2009. In April 2010 they began curating exhibitions at Breestraat 46 when this building became empty. It is currently the largest contemporary art gallery space in the city of Leiden but the future of this is uncertain because the building has been sold by the city council to a private investor. The exhibitions vary dramatically in style and content. An overview of their exhibitions is here >> exposities.   Their homepage contains information about the current show.

Leiden based New Zealand artist, Sonja van Kerkhoff is curating the “Film and Art” for the first time for Galerie De Pieter, with one of the “de Pieter” artists, Michel Siebes.

“Film and Art” @ OpenMakers, Aalmarkt 15
8 May – 8 June 2013

“LIsVHSfe” by Niek Hilkmann + Sandra Gnjatovic – the studio is first used as the set for a VHS short film and then as podium for a night of VHS films.
A site specific installation by Robbert Pauwels in the front window.
“A multi-vision meditation” by Carmen McGlinn + Sonja van Kerkhoff. An installation with televisions inside a dome of branches and twigs.
And “An inland soul at sea” – projections of LIsFE films onto suspended objects.

OpenMakers is a studio space coordinated by “Peen en Ui” – a Leiden-based cultural facilitator. Information in Dutch/Info in Nederlands