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Blogs by Sonja >> Connecting Art in a Time of Crisis, 2020
Snap, Crackle, Pop-up – The ShutterRoom, Whangarei, 2020
Re:configuring @ The Shutter Room, Whangarei, 2019 >> The Colonial Bonnet as War Garb, 2018
From Iran with Love, Iranian artists in The Hague, 2018
Disarm (Pedro Reys, Mexico) @ Today’s Art, The Hague, Sept 2016 >> Alexis Hunter: The Feminist is in the Room, 2015
Recycling the material – VillageArts, Kohukohu, 2015
Mexico at the Venice Biennale, 2013
Ai Weiwei: the multi-tasker, 2012
ISEA in Bzyantium, review of “UNTITLED-second-nature (Te Kore-Rongo-Hungaora)”, curated by Ian Clothier, 2012
Quake & SCAPE, public art, Christchurch, Aotearoa/N.Z., 2011
Art of the Imagination, installations + performances, The Hague, 2011

 Shows I curated or organized
Ko rātou, ko tātou | On Other-ness, on us-ness 24 artists @ NorthArt: March 2020
Manners of Speaking – Te Pūkoro o Tāne 31 artists @ NorthTec: Feb 2020
The Poetic Condition 18 artists @ NorthArt: October 2018
The 1 Hour Short Film Festival (ohisff), NorthArt, Auckland: October 2018
Te T-shirt show Hikurangi Art Station: March 2018

 Art Blogs | websites
ArtsTalkMagazine: Province of Holland focus, news and reviews on all artforms
EyeContactSite: run by John Hurrell, New Zealand focus, critique/reviews
Eyeline: Australian, global focus, critique/news/reviews
Hyperallergic: NY based, tends to be US focussed, reviews/news

Artist Blogs | websites
Alexis Hunter: London based NZ born feminist, photography, painting, performance, text.
David Bade: Dutch artist lives in Curacao + the Netherlands, his blog features his drawings, paintings or sculpture.
Dominik Stahlberg: German born sculptor in marble, conceptual artist, and member of NO-ART.
Raewyn Turner: NZ born artist who experiments with cross-sensory perception and the uncharted territories of the senses. Projects: Fragrant Earth (on vimeo) or Fragrant Earth in text + image; Downwind (on vimeo); 4000 Varieties of Orange and there’s her blog: kissingbees.

Design | Drawing | Painting | Paper | Printmaking
Nederland | The Netherlands (Sample Room), a blog in Dutch of announcements and articles related to paper used as design or an artform. This article by Peter Gentenaar refers to the paper biennial.

Sculpture/Public artworks
Gibbs Farm: Kaipara Harbour, Northland, New Zealnad, featuring land art and sculpture by the likes of Richard Serra, Anish Kapoor and so on. which hosts an annual symposium in a different location in the world. In 2013 it was in Auckland, New Zealand.


Museums / Galleries / Institutes / Collectives
Aotearoa | New Zealand
The Sarjeant Gallery + The Tylee Residency Whanganui

Nederland | The Netherlands
Scheltema Arts Centre (contemporary music, theatre + visual arts), Marktsteeg 1, Leiden

North East – Drenthe + Friesland
About 10 km NW of Emmen
het Ottenshoes – an old farm that serves as an agricultural museum.
There are regular events, such as candle making, weaving, and cooking.
Open: 10-5 p.m., April till mid October, Tuesday to Sunday and open daily in July + August. 4 Euros per adult.
Dorpsstraat 3a, 9441 PD, Orvelte, Drenthe.
Information about where to park in Orvelte village which is a short walk from the museum. It costs 3 Euros and can only be paid with coins.
Schaapsscheerdersfeest / Wolfestival – Shearing and wool festival, 6 July 2014, 10:00 – 17:00, Orvelte, Drenthe
The ‘farm’ festival (, 16 July 2014, Orvelte, Drenthe

About 10 km S of Zwolle
Boerderijmuseum De Bovenstreek – a museum about farming.
3.50 Euros per adult.
Open: 1 April -31 October. 10-5 p.m. Monday-Saturday.
Bovenstraatweg 10-1, 8096 PE, Oldebroek
Tel: 0525 – 631457

Zuid Holland – museums
About 10 km W of Delft
Westlands Museum of (greenhouse) horticulture
Open: 1-5 p.m., April till 8 September 2014, Tuesday to Saturday and open daily in July + August. 4 Euros per adult or free with a museum card.
Middel Broekweg 154, 2675 KL, Honselersdijk
Telefoon: 0174-621084

The Philippines
On pins and needles blog a collection of performative videos and live art documentation, Manila

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