I am a visual artist originally from Aotearoa, New Zealand, currently based in the Netherlands, who also is a designer of websites, games, as well as an illustrator.  Occasionally I write reviews or papers and curate shows. My current arts related activites are on this blog

Comments are welcome in Dutch, English or Māori.

Sonja van Kerkhoff, born in Aotearoa / New Zealand, graduated from the Otago School of Fine Arts, New Zealand, in 1982, and the Maastricht School of Visual Arts, The Netherlands, in 1993. She gained a Masters in Computer Science (Media Technology) from Leiden University, The Netherlands, in 2008. She has given lectures in art schools and institutes around the globe and presented at the 5th European Symposium on Gender & ICT at the University of Bremen, Germany in 2009. She has exhibited videos, sculptures, performances, and installations in galleries and at festivals internationally since the early 90s.
See: www.sonjavank.com/cv.htm

I started this blog in April 2011 after a gestation of 4 years (when I first reserved this space). I realised that I might never find time to make regular longer more reflective blogs on the art + media I encounter, so these irregular blogs are better than nothing. I have another blog that is more chatty where I put announcements of events I’m involved in here and another blog which I write on issues related to the Bahai Faith

On the pages titled: Art+Image, Interactive, Music, Theory/Activist, are also links to websites I’ve found useful, of interest or inspiring.


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