Quake & SCAPE – Christchurch 2011

13 Apr

The number sequence 043504092010 (the hour, minute (04:35), day, month and year of the 4 September 2010 earthquake) first changed the landscape of Christchurch and caused the postponement of the Public Sculpture biennial, SCAPE (photos of some public art projects are here).
This t-shirt design was produced just before the major aftershock on February 22nd by SCAPE artist participant Anton Parsons for the opening of the 6th SCAPE Christchurch Biennial which was planned for March 2010. It was then canceled and now SCAPE is selling this t-shirt as a recovery fund venture.

"Nucleus" by  Phil Price (2006) Photographer: Dean MacKenzie Commissioned for SCAPE 2006 © SCAPE Christchurch Biennial"Nucleus" by Phil Price (2006)
Photographer: Dean MacKenzie Commissioned for SCAPE 2006 © SCAPE Christchurch Biennial

Some of the sculptures completed before the February aftershock are still standing. And I was amazed, when I saw footage of the disaster back in February to see one of my favourite inner city sculptures (the four inner parts move constantly like a wind chime, see this YouTube clip) was still standing and operating surrounded by rubble and collapsed buildings, a symbol not only of survival but of the magic of art.

And on that note I was swept off my feet by this song written by Ryan Fisherman, a Christchurch resident about his city and the quake. The undertone of calm is unnerving and moving, much like the image of the gentle slow movements of the red kinetic sculpture while all around the land shakes and shudders.

Country quake (song + video) by Ryan Fisherman


2 Responses to “Quake & SCAPE – Christchurch 2011”

  1. sonjavank June 23, 2011 at 2:51 pm #

    Link to an awsome 5 minute video by James Muir on Lyttleton, a suburb just south-east of the city centre of Christchurch about some acts of ‘love’ by locals for their community

  2. Anne November 21, 2012 at 7:53 am #

    Really love the song and video. It certainly bought back the emotions of the day.

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